Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Let me first start off by saying that ALL women are superheroes, and in general, you should consider hiring a female to manage your next production because of the inherent soft skills that we possess. This post, however, focuses on why you should hire a Mother to be your next Producer or Production Manager for your upcoming production.

1- Moms can Multitask - Moms are able to take on multiple challenges at the same time. Just like how we are able to manage all of our family's appointments, budgets and schedules, we masterfully can manage all of the factors that it takes to ensure a smooth production. Production schedules, milestones, deliverables. We got this!

2- Moms have Empathy - Difficulties with your personnel? Clients who are never satisfied? Moms have the superpower of having empathy and compassion for even the most rambunctious toddlers. Moms have a bedside manner that only comes from the patience required when you are raising little humans.

3- Moms are Tough - We are not afraid to get our hands dirty (literally, we change poopy diapers) and have no problem getting the job done if it means it'll ensure the success of the project and the client. We are tough as nails though and are not afraid to stand up for what is right, and will not put up with any kind of nonsense.

4- Moms are Loyal - We are fierce protectors of our family, and that includes our work families, too. When you take care of your production teams by ensuring that they are treated as individual contributors and subject matter experts, and then take care of their needs in order to set them up for success, your team is happy. When your production team is happy, your product comes out amazing.

5- Moms always have a Plan B - Moms are used to their children presenting them with unexpected challenges, and almost always have a Plan B, Plan C and a Plan D already crafted in their minds. Productions sometimes do not go as planned, whether its bad weather or faulty equipment or something completely out of left field, Moms are resourceful, can think on their feet and are used to staying calm during any kind of storm.

It is no surprise that production is a very male-dominated industry but for the last few years, women have been leading the way. Female leaders hold exceptional power, and motherhood only amplifies those qualities. If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not the Mother you are considering to hire for your next production is qualified, consider these superpowers along with her resume. These are the superpowers that will set your production apart from the rest.

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